Interior design

– The Duo Disain team creates its solutions based on your lifestyle, personal taste and ambitions so as to design a truly luxurious space, be it a private residence, business premises or property development. Spaces designed by Duo Disain grow in value owing to the functionality of their layout, which simplifies moving about in the room and makes living and working there easier and more enjoyable.

Project management

– Duo Disain’s professional project management guarantees smooth collaboration with all partners and providers at every stage, thereby ensuring on-time completion of all interior design projects.


– Sometimes good advice is all it takes to create personalised interior design. Cooperation makes achieving the desired results easier, be it a case of looking for a classic or modern solution or choosing design elements and colours. Duo Disain is always willing to give you useful tips.

Design supervision

– We check and take responsibility for construction and furnishings being in line with the interior design project at every stage. We perform regular reviews and quality checks and help answer questions that may arise during construction.

Furniture supervision

– We keep a close eye on furniture and fittings that have been ordered to make sure they are of the highest quality and match the interior design.

3D visualisation

– Visualisation creates a picture of the project before construction even commences and thus shores up the project’s success. It is the easiest way of communicating ideas, demonstrating potential layouts and explaining more complicated interior design solutions.