Interior design – Whether it’s a private residence, corporate space or development,  Duo Disain’s interior design team draws on your lifestyle, personal tastes, and aspirations to help create a truly bespoke luxurious space. Duo Disain can enhance your property through both providing an improved layout that increases the functionality and flow of a space increasing its value intrinsically and commercially.

Project management – Duo Disain manages and coordinates all professional teams and suppliers who are responsible for the execution of our projects. By managing our projects through all phases, Duo Disain ensures impeccable and timely delivery of our designs.

Consultancy -Sometimes a good advice is just what you need to create a personalised interior design. Lets put our heads together to reach the best outcome wether you are looking for a classical or modern solution, deciding about design elements or choosing a colour scheme. Duo Disain is always willing to guide you and give you some good tips.

3D visualisation – Visualisation speaks a volume about the project before you start with construction works and in this way ensures venture´s success. The goal of visualisation is to produce a variety of the interior design project in multi-lateral basis. Visualisation is the easiest way to convey an idea, demonstrate a potential room layout or more complex interior design solutions. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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